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●Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Onomichi Higashi High School English Page.

I am happy to announce the opening of our new English page created by ESS members after spending a lot of time of planning, writing, and preparing data and photos, etc.
Onomichi Higashi High School, with 110 years of history, has the motto of "Act independently and become self-organized." To succeed at this motto, students are enjoying every single moment at school, devoted to classes, club activities, and lots of school events.

We have provided various classes in our curriculum, particularly focusing on English Education and also Inquiry-Based Learning including domestic and overseas fieldwork. It would be great to introduce what we do to not only Japanese friends but also to people outside Japan.

Please enjoy the up-coming news from ESS members.

With the support of teachers, parents, and a lot of people in the community, students at Onomichi Higashi High School have been continuing to challenge themselves to realize their great future.

Kaoru Yoshimura


In 1909, the school opened as Onomichi Girls High School with 200 students.

In 1912, the first graduation ceremony had 46 students.

In 1918, Onomichi Girls High School's song was decided.

In 1931, the Bechstein piano was arrived at the high school.Click here to learn more

In 1948, Onomichi Girls High School was renamed Onomichi Higashi High School.

In 1950, Onomichi Higashi High School's song was decided.

In 1957, Hayashi Fumiko's monument was unveiled.

In 1968, Onomichi Higashi High School was renamed Hiroshima Prefectural Onomichi Higashi High School.

In 1990, the Bechstein piano was fixed as an anniversary project.

In 2002, the international course set in the general course was established.
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology designated Onomichi Higashi High School a "Super English Language High School."

In 2009, the 100th anniversary of the school's foundation was celebrated.

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Calender  Event(s)
April Entrance ceremony
May  Volleyball game event
June Rurisai, Onomichi Higashi's school festival
July Study abroad in Cebu (Philippines)

English Camp in Sera City

Debate competition
August Open school

Open Campus (Hiroshima University)
September Sports Festival
October Language training trip in Canada ( Second grade International Course students )

School trip in Tokyo ( Second grade General Course students )
November Bechstein piano concert

110th anniversary of the school's founding ceremony
December Short term study abroad at Nottawasaga Secondary High School in Canada
February In-school speech contest ( First grade students )
March Graduation ceremony

Basketball game event
-We play basketball. Through playing basketball, our bonds become stronger.
Both boys and girls cheer for each other and our tensions rise.  

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